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Costa Rica Gourmet Coffee- Espresso & Tarrazu; Home, Business & Office Coffee Service
Philips SAECO, GAGGIA & Solis Espresso Machines - Sales and Service Repair Specialist
Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, D.C. Area
Located in Montgomery County, Maryland
(301) 424-3818
Updated March 30, 2015

(Green Efforts for a Sustainable Future Page)

Green Efforts for a Sustainable Future

CoffeeTico Services™ is committed to protecting the environment by avoiding, to the extent practical, negative impacts to the natural environment, reducing energy use, purchasing environmentally preferable products, and increasing recycling of supplies and materials. By implementing some of these Green Effort initiatives, CoffeeTico Services™ is also able to help reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. CoffeeTico Services™ has incoporated into its operation, the following:

  • Providing local machine service and repair in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia so that machines do not need to be sent over 200 miles to other Philips SAECO & GAGGIA Authorized Service Centers for repair
  • Promoting to customers the option of buying Philips SAECO refurbished machines
  • Turning off lights and electronics when not in use
  • Combining vehicle trips to minimize travel
  • Available on evenings and weekends for deliveries and pick up of products to avoid rush hour/congested traffic
  • Electronic order and mail processing
  • Coordinating daily USPS mail delivery with pick-up
  • Limiting printing paper
  • In its repair shop:
    • promoting to customers the option of repairing machines with used parts rather than buying new parts, not only saving money but also saving the environment
    • reusing boxes
    • recycling paper boxes that have reached their useful life
    • recycling paper
    • recycling metal components
  • Recycling paper
  • Offering products to our customers that are environmentally friendly such as:


Costa Rica Sustainable Coffee...
Costa Rica coffee is produced on coffee plantations that conserve the ecosystems and wildlife and have a high biological diversity. Various species of trees are planted adjacent to the coffee plants to provide 20% to 50% shade. These shade trees provide many environmental benefits. The decomposed leaves produce organic matter that replenish the soil. Mature shade trees provide deep root systems that hold soils in place, helping to reduce erosion on steep-sloped plantations. And, the shade trees mimic natural forest and provide wildlife habitat.

Some of the shade trees planted are citrus, bananas and palm trees which provide a ready source of food and/or income to farmers when harvested during periods when coffee is not being harvested.

Costa Rica coffee is produced with minimal application of fertilizers and pesticides. With shade trees, there is little need to use of fertilizers and pesticides (an expensive commodity). Besides, the Costa Rica National Commission on Organic Agriculture (created by Costa Rica law) promotes coffee crop production using the least amount of agrochemicals.

Costa Rica is commited to protecting its 31% forest reserve areas. Costa Rica coffee plantations, considered second most important to its tropical forests, help clean the air by removing poisonous carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other pollutants.

The use of water at Costa Rican processing coffee plants is limited. The pulp from leftover waste is used as an organic fertilizer. The shell is burned to generate energy required for the drying process of the bean. The use of decomposed coffee tree underbrush is used as a source of organic fertilizer.

Costa Rica's coffee sector is committed to resource conservation, protecting the environment and responding to the challenge of climate change, while at the same time being commercially competitive and producing high quality coffee beans.


Philips SAECO & GAGGIA Sustainable Machines...

Philips SAECO & GAGGIA machines brew one cup of coffee at a time (no wasteful coffee sitting in a coffee pot). Most Philips SAECO machines come with an Energy Savings function, to conserve energy while not in use for prolonged periods of time. Philips SAECO & GAGGIA machines have a removable brew group for easy chemical-free cleaning. Fundamental benefits of having a Philips SAECO & GAGGIA machine at home, office or business is the reduction of trips (oftentimes by vehicle) to a local coffee shop to purchase a drink and the benefits of using a reusable mug rather than a disposable cup.


Eco Friendly Packaging...

CoffeeTico Services™ uses USPS flat rate boxes that have "Cradle to Cradle Certification" for its material content, recyclability, and manufacturing characteristics.

Included with our gift packages are our 100% recycled paper bags that contain 95% post consumer recycled paper. Tissue paper used is acid free, made from 100% recycled fibers. Both made in USA.


Eco Friendly Glassware...

The glassware we offer with our gift packages is produced in Ohio, USA where 25% of waste glass is reclaimed and reused. The glassware doe not contain lead.


coffeetico name
Costa Rica Gourmet Coffee- Espresso & Tarrazu; Home, Business & Office Coffee Service
Philips SAECO, GAGGIA & Solis Espresso Machines - Sales and Service Repair Specialist
Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, D.C. Area
Located in Montgomery County, Maryland  
(301) 424-3818
All material in this website is owned by CoffeeTico Services™.