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Please print CLEARLY and include this completed form with your machine.

For drop-off and machine pick-up at our location:
Please call 301-424-3818 or e-mail at
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Shipping Information:

Ship to:  CoffeeTico Services, 11504 Paramus Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Packing your machine: Drain you boiler- especially during winter months. Package your product in a protective box, double-box your machine. Use bubble-wrap to protect your machine, place in box and fill remaining voids with bubble-wrap in protective box AND between boxes. Recommended packing materials include: Styrofoam inserts, packing peanuts, and/or any other packing material provided by national carriers. If you are unable to use original packaging, your merchandise should be professionally packed to avoid damage in shipping. Insure your package through your shipping carrier for your protection. Retain your tracking number so that you can check the progress of your shipment online. Damaged Items - All damage claims are the responsibility of the customer. In the event that your package is damaged during shipping, you will need to file a claim with the carrier. Please be aware that you will need to file a damage claim within a certain time frame as stated by the carrier.

BMW line such as Odea and Talea Machines: Prior to packaging your machine, raise the drip tray to avoid damage to the drip tray support.

Machine Diagnostic: CoffeeTico Services ™ will perform FREE machine diagnostic to identify component failure. CoffeeTico Services™ will not begin any repair and/or cleaning work until obtaining approval from customer. Once diagnostic repair quote is provided to customer, customer has 7 days to approve work and/or pick up (or arrange for return shipment of) the machine. Any machine left in CoffeeTico Services™ 's posession for more than 30 days from diagnostic quote date will be deemed abandoned unless prior arrangement has been made with and agreed to in writing by CoffeeTico Services™. By consigning machine to CoffeeTico Services™, repair customers authorize CoffeeTico Services™ to recover storage costs on abandoned machine by any means necessary, including sale of said machine to a third party.
Repair Warranties: Repair services performed are warranted for 30 days. This warranty applies to CoffeeTico Services ™ work and does not cover unit failures caused by defective parts or materials supplied by SAECO USA. If any used parts were used, used parts are not warranted. Every machine we repair is thoroughly tested before being returned to the customer. Post-repair issues due to shipping damages, normal wear and tear, or damage due to misuse, negligence, lack of or improper cleaning, hard water and/or electrical surges are not covered under this repair warranty. If machine is returned to us under a claim of faulty repair and the problems are due to one of the previously mentioned clauses, the customer will be charged a minimum of one hour diagnostic labor which does not include any costs of repairing said damage. CoffeeTico Services ™ does not offer refunds whatsoever for any repair parts or repair labor. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from our workshop. If a customer is local, he or she is responsible for delivery and pick up of the machine.
Machine Pick-up and/or shipping back to customer: Once machine repair or cleaning is complete, CoffeeTico Services ™ will contact customer to arrange for pick-up and confirm invoice. The customer has 7 days to pick up and/or arrange for machine to be shipped back. CoffeeTico Services ™' uses Fex Ex for machine shipping. Any machine left in CoffeeTico Services ™'s posession for more than 30 days from invoice date will be deemed abandoned unless prior arrangement has been made with and agreed to in writing by CoffeeTico Services ™. By consigning machine to CoffeeTico Services ™, repair customers authorize CoffeeTico Services ™ to recover repair and storage costs on abandoned machine by any means necessary, including sale of said machine to a third party.
For more information on our services, repairs and policies, please visit our website at:

Machine shipped/delivered with following parts):

Water tank

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Dump box

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Bean Hopper

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Pre-ground  Lid

y / n

Drip Tray

y / n


y / n

Water tank Lid

y / n

Brew Group

y / n

Bean Hopper Lid

y / n


y / n

Swivel Base

y / n


y / n


(Below for Service Center use): Machine Diagnostic:

Water flow


Steam flow




Water leaks




Water Damage
Component Failure:
Limescale build-up

Brew Dispensing
head clogged

Brew group

Doser Setting


Grinder Setting


Grinder Malfunction


Brew Valve with residual coffee




Diagnostic Completed:                                                Repair Completed:                                                Descaling Preformed:
Parts:                                                   Labor: